Hideyuki Ishibashi was born in Japan, Kobe in 1986.


After getting his bachelor of fine arts at Nihon University of Art in Tokyo, he moved to Lille in the North of France where he lives and works.

His work is based on photography and he mainly uses techniques of collage.

« The photographs that we encounter in our daily lives are merely a piece or a collection of fragments of images. Any image is just a projection of images we have already seen somewhere before, branded with the images of ideals of our times. In other words, photography, itself, has no defined meaning (true meaning) or historical unity, but it develop meaning by being duplicated and represented (meaning production). Therefore, my research is based mainly on two aspects. Concept: How do we look at an image? How can an installation respond to an observer? How do the lines evolve between private and public, between individuals and groups? Realization: Appropriation of found, anonymous materials, publicity or historical images and the association of different techniques or layers. »