Passages Obscurs

2015 - (ongoing project)

The first time I saw Marseille, it was through the train’s window.

Those are the first « images » of this city : windows, doors, clothesline at the window, thousands of details appearing on the sea… The total opposite of Lille with it’s monotone palette, here it is the color who draws the city.

When I was proposed this project by Vol de Nuits, I accepted, driven by curiosity : they offered me the access to a unique postcard collection, from MuCEM.

I especially appreciated postcard albums coming from private donations. The postcards they contain tell a story, carry intimacy, just a glimpse. An animation, a message were giving colors and relief to the image as the virgin ones were sleeping in the drawers.

These fragments of life and colors sent me back in this train, at this window…It was to reproduce that sparkle that I kept the original colors of the postcards.

I wanted to pursue that work and go beyond, not only composing images but to explore this existence further, described in few lines. The life beyond the image…