“Imprint of Time” solo exhibition at IBASHO

I am delighted to announce my second solo exhibition starting this Saturday at IBASHO in Antwerp!

In this exhibition, I will present a selection of nature-related works, ranging from an artist-in-residency project at Chartres Agricultural High School in 2020 (“Fossil” and “Trails”) to a 2023 project “Chromophore”, a collaboration with colorist Machiko Saito, supported by CRP. I will also be showing my new project “Burning Ground”, a continuation of “Chromophore”, which I am currently working on. If you have a chance to come to Antwerp, I would be grateful if you could visit my exhibition!

“Imprint of Time”
25 Nov 2023 – 14 Jan 2024

Tolstraat 67

Thursday-Sunday: 14:00 – 18:00
And open by appointment