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  • Group Exhibition “En creux / Commande photographique sur le Bassin minier”

    The first time I saw a spoil tip was from the window of a high-speed train as it approached the North of France after departing Paris Gare du Nord. I had just moved from Japan, and I remember being awestruck by this strange black mountain that suddenly appeared in the flowing scenery. I immediately needed…

  • Photo Basel 2023

    I am very excited to announce my participation to this year’s Photo Basel with IBASHO! I will be presenting “Présage” along with beautiful works by Miho Kajioka, Mika Horie, Sayako Sugawara, Toshiya Watanabe and Yu Yamauchi. For more information, please visit : https://www.photo-basel.com/

  • Group Show at Institut pour la photographie, Lille

    I am honored to be a part of the new group exhibition that will open this Friday, April 7th at the Institut pour la photographie in Lille. In this exhibition, I will be presenting silkscreen prints using photochromic ink from ATLAS, a continuation of Fossil and Trails presented at Art Paris. In addition, with the…

  • Art Paris with IBASHO

    I am quite honored to present “Fossil” and “Trails” along with the beautiful works by Sayuri Ichida, Miho Kajioka and Casper Faassen. If you are visiting Art Paris fair, please visit us at IBASHO gallery, stand G9! Art Paris 30 Mars – 2 Avril Grand Palais Éphémère https://www.artparis.com/fr/gallery/3285


    Happy New Year to everyone! This is a sudden announcement, but I will be participating in a group exhibition “Chair de Temps” at Bigaignon starting on the 5th of January. I look forward to seeing you at the opening! GROUP SHOW • CHAIR DE TEMPS OPENING: THURSDAY 5 JANUARY 2023 (6-9PM) EXHIBITION FROM JANUARY 5TH…

  • Seers of visions

    I’m happy to announce my participation to Seers of visions, an online exhibition curated by Lucie Naï as part of the wrong biennale. https://seers-of-visions.com/ At the crossroad of magic, technologies and politics, Seers of visions provides an exploration of a dozen of artist’s works questioning our beliefs, exploring contemporary divinatory practices, inviting us to witness…

  • Biennale de l’Image Tangible 2020 – 2nd edition

    I am quite excited to announce my selection at Biennale de l’Image Tangible 2020 taking place in November in Paris XX. More info at : https://bit20.paris/

  • New group exhibition at galerie thierry bigaignon in paris

    I am very honored to announce my participation in the group exhibition “UNITED” at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris! https://www.thierrybigaignon.com/group-show-united Date: 14/05/2020 – 05/09/2020

  • Photo basel virtual edition

    I am happy to announce my participation in the 1st virtual edition of Photo basel with IBASHO. You can visit the virtual exhibition HERE Date: 17/06/2020 – 21/06/2020

  • upcoming solo exhibition at Neuflize OBC, Paris

    I am quite excited to annouce my new solo exhibition (mini retrospective) at Neuflize OBC in Paris with the support of IBASHO. This exhibition includes several works from “Other Voices 2011”, “Présage 2014”, “Passages Obscurs 2015”, “Connotations 2016”, “Limen 2017” and “Macula 2018”. If you wish to visit the show, please contact me directly!  …