Seers of visions

I’m happy to announce my participation to Seers of visions, an online exhibition curated by Lucie Naï as part of the wrong biennale.
At the crossroad of magic, technologies and politics, Seers of visions provides an exploration of a dozen of artist’s works questioning our beliefs, exploring contemporary divinatory practices, inviting us to witness invisible phenomenons, in an expanded attention including non-human perceptions of the world.
Let our eyes and mind wander into these shared visions, to look for signs, or to dive into a moment of contemplation.
Artists : Fanny Béguély, Vincent Ceraudo Nicolas Gourault, Hideyuki Ishibashi, Ismael JChandoutis , Basim Magdy, Jonathan Pêpe, Sabrina Ratté, Francisco Rodríguez Teare , Ludivine Sibelle, Julia Stern, Hadrien Tequi, Yuyan Wang