2021 (artistic commission for the Jean Arnault campus, in collaboration with Le Fresnoy)

Named Atlas, this exhibition was created specifically for the campus Jean Arnault in the historic building of the Ferret Savinel. The different photographic processes used by the artist for this project are a tribute to the first experiments in image fixation that cross the history of photography. The use of these techniques is the starting point of broad research on the question of memory, impermanence and the passage of time. What is the relationship between the image represented and the materials that compose it? How can a photographic image reflect its environment?

Water, tree leaves, moss, brick, and concrete dust were collected on the site for a process of metamorphosis. These elements are integrated into the very material of the image or fixed in the form of imprints on various supports, from glass to silk to cotton paper. Macro photographs of different tree barks invite us to change the scale to explore the surface of these centennial plant bodies like an atlas.

Through the different techniques used, the images, projected or printed, will constantly vary according to their exposure to sunlight, in resonance with the campus. Images of the morning, the day, and the evening. Images reflecting the variations of nature and the nearby Barbieux park, which itself changes with the days and seasons. The artist’s will is to offer to the students and faculty, who will be present on the campus every day, constantly renewed visions.

Atlas invites us to rethink the paradox of the first photographic images, before the discovery of the fixated image, where sunlight caused both the appearance and disappearance, and where brevity produced in return mental images and memories in the viewer.


Production supports:


Groupe LVMH

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

MusVerre, Sars-Poteries

Médiathèque de Roubaix

Archives municipales de la ville de Roubaix