Crooked Mirror – Diary


This diary project was made as a supplement to the video project « Crooked Mirror ».

In the video project, I focused on my daily life in Spain, while in this diary project I focused on my self-awareness after I came back to Japan. In Spain, I faced an identity crisis. And, to reduce this problem I decided to record my daily life by lending a camera to my friend, asking him to shoot my portrait.

At the same time I shot my own self-portrait and wrote down why I took it and what I felt. The purpose of this project was to get a « binocular » record. Through this record I hoped to know who I really am and who I am supposed to be.

In this diary, I didn’t want to show the photographs itselves because I decided to make this project as a response to the identity crisis and it important to not just have a simple conclusion about this period but more a complex and flawed record of it.