Crooked Mirror – Video


The images pile up.
I exist.
What does my existence means to you?
I see things as if they were reflections in a mirror.
There are no certain figures.
From here I pick the images related to me. The images that interest me.
I try to find myself in your mind. Can you see me?
Can you say that I exist?
Are we related?
If there are any differences between us, even if we are in the same place, can you say what they are?
What can you see? What can I see?
Who are you?
I am no one.


Who am I?
Did I exist?
What is existence for myself?
What is my existence from the experience of others?
My death.
Are the memories you have about me my existence?
When you have lost your memories about me, can we still say that I existed?
I exist nowhere.
Myself through a voyage.
Myself after a voyage.
Myself in an illusion.
Myself in reality.
Myself with a double personality.
Myself as seen through his eyes.
Myself inside memory.
Idealized memory.