Other Voices


For this project, I used the images I shot but I could not print because when I saw them, they remind me of « That Time » that I spent and is already gone.

I didn’t know what to do with those images because they haunted me. When I read about memory in Marcel Proust’s books, I found out the solution: « to use those images as the material to create another image ».

To produce this « another image » I…

1)I scanned the negatives and printed them.
2)I shot the pictures with a polaroid camera.
3)I scanned the pictures I shot with a polaroid camera and then I printed them again.
4)I shot them with the polaroid camera again.

I repeated this method over and over.

This project was mainly to see, « Is a personal image may loose its own time and become the image of another time? »

For my method, I decided to use a polaroid camera because polaroid cameras create an « instant picture, » and even though you need to wait a few minutes to see the result, I thought that through this change of time I could separate the image from its original moment.