upcoming solo exhibition at Neuflize OBC, Paris

I am quite excited to annouce my new solo exhibition (mini retrospective) at Neuflize OBC in Paris with the support of IBASHO. This exhibition includes several works from “Other Voices 2011”, “Présage 2014”, “Passages Obscurs 2015”, “Connotations 2016”, “Limen 2017” and “Macula 2018”.

If you wish to visit the show, please contact me directly!


“Hideyuki Ishibashi – Artiste du Studio Le Fresnoy, soutenu par la Fondation d’entreprise Neuflize OBC”

Venue: 3 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris
Period: 28.01.2020 (Tue) –
Open: by appointment only
Web: https://www.neuflizeobc.fr/fr/index.html